Term and conditions

All participants must adhere to our terms and conditions. 


Participants are registered as soon as they have indicated in writing via the registration form of the website that they have registered for a course, workshop, session or retreat and Munsel Meditation answered with an approval. Our courses, workshops, sessions and retreats have a predetermined duration. In this case, the registration applies for the duration of the course, workshop, session or retreat.


If participation in a course, workshop or retreat is preceded by an intake, the registration depends on the result of this intake. Munsel Meditation is free to to decide not to allow the candidate to participate on the basis of this intake. For some courses, workshops or retreats it is required to have completed other courses, workshops or retreats at Munsel Meditation with a positive result. Munsel Meditation understands “completed with a positive result” to mean attendance of at least 80% of the course, workshop and / or retreat in question. If a candidate does not meet these requirements Munsel Meditation will invite the candidate for an intake. If the candidate does not wish to participate, Munsel Meditation is free to decide on this basis not to allow the candidate to participate.


Registration and participation costs must be paid within 14 days after receiving the invoice, to the bank account of Munsel Meditation, as stated on the invoice. In the event of a collection procedure, the costs for collection will be charged to the participant. In case of late payment, the participant cannot derive any rights from his registration. Munsel Meditation is then free to allow another person to participate at that place.


Cancellations can only be made in writing or by email. The date of receipt of letter or e-mail is binding.

1. You have a reflection period within the first 14 days after registering via the internet, and within these 14 days you can cancel free of charge and without reason. The full amount paid will then be refunded within 14 days after your written cancellation (by email).

2. In case of cancellation after 14 days and up to 4 weeks before the start of the lessons, 50% of the registration amount will be charged as administration costs.

3. In case of cancellation less than 4 weeks before the start date of the lessons, the full registration amount is due (even if this amount has not yet been (fully) paid). Also in case of premature termination or missing of meetings there will be no refunds.


Munsel Meditation has the right to postpone one or more lessons in urgent or unforeseen circumstances, stating reasons, and to cancel the entire course, workshop or retreat if the number of registrations is too small. If a course, workshop or retreat is canceled due to too few registrations, the participants will be notified no later than 1 day before the start date. In these cases, of course, a full refund of the payment will be made.


All classes at Munsel Meditation are taught in English.

7. AGE

All classes at Munsel Meditation are for adults aged 18 and older. Children under 18 are not allowed during the lessons. An exception is when lessons are given especially for children. This will then be clearly communicated on forehand.


All classes at Munsel Meditation are based on Tibetan Buddhism and are not intended to be a substitute for psychotherapy, psychiatric treatment and / or medication. Munsel Meditation is in no way responsible for any psychological problems and / or damage. If you are currently undergoing treatment and / or on medication and / or are familiar with illnesses and / or problems related to your mental health, we will first ask you consult your own doctor or therapist whether it is wise to take lessons at Munsel Meditation. If you are currently undergoing treatment and / or on medication, we ask that you do not interrupt or stop it. If you descide to do so, Munsel Meditation is in no way responsible for the possible consequences. We reserve the right for those who pose a serious threat and or disruption to others or themselves, to prohibit further participation in our classes. Munsel Meditation expects them to seek professional help elsewhere. There is no refund of tuition fees.


Taking photos, videos and / or sound recordings during the lessons at Munsel Meditation is not allowed. As well as the substantive sharing of the lessons via the (social) media. We reserve the right for those who do so to not continue to participate in the classes at Munsel Meditation. There is no refund of tuition fees. Making notes on paper is allowed.


When you participate in activities within Munsel Meditation, you declare that you will not discuss personal information (personal data, personal stories, experiences) of other participants with others or post it on social media.

Munsel Meditation

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