For anyone who has been doing a daily meditation practice for the past 3 months.  

Recommended for anyone who has completed our Train Your Dragon course. 

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.

Without them humanity cannot survive” – HH Dalai Lama

This is the next level: a course to deepen our understanding and experience. When meditation becomes an act of compassion we can discover a tremendous source and power within us. We will explore the logic of the heart, and we will learn to see how we are all connected and influence each other's lives. 

In our journey to find the roots of love, we will discover what it really means to be a friend to yourself and others.

The course is based on the wisdom of the Tibetan tradition and will be taught in English. The sessions last one hour and a half and include guided meditations, instructions, moments of sharing and deep listening.

It is an interactive process where you can feel comfortable asking questions, listening, understanding and just being in the experience. 

The benefits of meditation are endless. Meditation can improve our physical, emotional and mental health. 

  • Week 1: Facing ourselves
  • Week 2: Believing in goodness
  • Week 3: Changing habits
  • Week 4: Invocation
  • Week 5: Seeing the beauty in others
  • Week 6: Kindness is the way
  • Week 7: Exchanging “me” for “you”
  • Week 8: Giving and receiving