Within Munsel Meditation we have a code of conduct to create a safe environment for everyone to practice meditation and loving kindness. 

Regardless of his or her position or participation in the activities of Munsel Meditation, everyone has a responsibility to behave in accordance with the ethical code described on this page and with the Dutch law.


We value the other, even if we disagree with that person. We respect the individuality and diversity of everyone. We adopt a loving and friendly attitude. We are open to criticism.


We do what we promise and keep agreements. We treat all information confidentially (we do not distribute personal information about each other via the media and / or social media). We respect the boundaries of each other (privacy) and guard our own boundaries (assertiveness). We are honest with each other.


As a team we continue to develop the quality of our workshops / courses / retreats. We solve problems as quickly as possible and dare to take initiatives. We meet the requirements set for our position. Any assignment is treated professionally. We regularly evaluate agreements and working methods. We are open to learning new things.

Discrimination is not accepted within Munsel Meditation. Discrimination is understood to mean: ridiculing, cursing and depriving another person based on origin, religion, gender, age, behavior, appearance, clothing. and / or sexual orientation.

Threats / intimidation are not accepted within Munsel Meditation. Threat / intimidation means: verbal threat with injury and / or intimidating use of language. Physical threat with injury and / or physical harassment.

Sexual harassment is not accepted within Munsel Meditation. Sexual harassment means making sexual hints verbal, written or physical, stalking.

Physical violence or an attempt at physical violence is not accepted within Munsel Meditation. Physical violence against persons and goods means: spitting, throwing objects, dangerous physical contact such as pushing, pulling, tripping, serious attempted injury, assault, violence with dangerous objects.

It is prohibited to smoke and / or be under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs within Munsel Meditation, including soft drugs permitted in the Netherlands. Drugs are understood to mean: all means that stimulate the brain and by which means mental and / or physical effects occur. The effects can be stimulating, narcotic and / or consciousness-altering.

When the ethical code described on this page and / or the Dutch law are violated within Munsel Meditation, action will be taken.

Depending on the situation, the following actions will be taken: address the person (s) involved, if necessary, call the police to further deal with the incident.

The following sanctions will take place depending on the situation: a ban on participation in all activities of Munsel Meditation. A ban on performing work for Munsel Meditation. A violation of the Dutch law will be reported to the police.

Munsel Meditation

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