Open to anyone.

Recommended for beginners in meditation. 

With this interactive course you will discover and practice the art of meditation with simplicity and kindness.

We will learn how to develop a healthy relationship with our own thoughts, and that will allow us to find peace and unconditional love. 

In the second part of the course we will discover that meditation is much more than just sitting in silence. When combined with ethics and wisdom, it can contribute to every aspect of our daily life.  

The course is based on the wisdom of the Tibetan tradition and will be taught in English. The sessions last one hour and a half and include guided meditations, instructions, moments of sharing and deep listening.  

It is an interactive process where you can feel comfortable asking questions, listening, understanding, being in the experience and let go. 

The benefits of meditation are endless. Meditation can improve our physical, emotional and mental health. 

  • Week 1: Happiness and acceptance
  • Week 2: The power of intention
  • Week 3: The courage to love
  • Week 4: Working with emotions
  • Week 5: Generosity and discipline
  • Week 6: Patience and diligence
  • Week 7: Meditation
  • Week 8: Wisdom