“To accomplish the good of others, we must perfect ourselves, by purifying and transforming our minds. This is the aim of what we call ‘the preliminary practices’, which establish the foundations of all spiritual progress.” – Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

This course is reserved for those who have completed the previous courses, and who have a serious interest in the Buddhist path.

This new stage begins with deep contemplations on the meaning of life and death. For those who are really motivated to follow the path of liberation, this is the beginning. We will use classical texts from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

  • Week 1: Precious human life
  • Week 2: Impermanence
  • Week 3: Karma
  • Week 4: Samsara
  • Week 5: Trust
  • Week 6: The spiritual teacher
  • Week 7: The Refuge
  • Week 8: Bodhichitta