We are living in interesting times, for some people being in lockdown is a blessing,
for others it is a nightmare, and we might go through a diversity of moods and

But how does my happiness or unhappiness contribute to a better world?

One classical answer to this riddle is to start with the man/woman in the mirror. By
working with yourself and loving yourself. You might have heard this a million times, yes.
But do we manage?

Thinking about love is one thing, but sometimes it can just remain an idea or a
concept. However, being able to experience and to feel the love, this is what truly matters.
From this state of mind transformation happens, and we can nurture, heal and

One simple method to evoke this love is to remember and appreciate the kindness
we received from others, through a memory, a special event that melted your
heart. And just feel this moment.

Then at some point, we might be able to get closer to the source of love.
By just acknowledging that we are lovable, that we deserve to be loved.
By willing to embrace our smallness and our highness.

And through this inspiration and warmth we can radiate and share our goodness
to our immediate surroundings, and progressively we can extend our positive
intentions to our neighbors, city, country and the whole wide world.

During this organic process, we can remember that our relationship to others
doesn’t always need to be black or white.

Trungpa Rinpoche said :
I am afraid love is not really the experience of beauty and romantic joy alone. Love
is associated with ugliness and pain and aggression, as well as with the beauty of
the world; it is not the recreation of heaven. Love or compassion, the open path, is
associated with “what is.” In order to develop love — universal love, cosmic love,
whatever you would like to call it — one must accept the whole situation of life as
it is, both the light and the dark, the good and the bad.


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