From the beginning of humanity, music has played an all pervasive role in our society. From the song that the mother sings to her weeping child, to the celebration of weddings and funerals, from the football fans anthems to the America got talent auditions…

Music can be quite a mystery on its own. Beyond the sense of entertainment, music can support the natural expression of our needs: the spoken and unspoken needs of our hearts.

Imagine that you would listen to your favorite song, for a moment stop whatever you are doing and let yourself fully being receptive and comfortable at the same time.The first notes, the rhythm, the melodies & harmonies starts to kick in. You start to “feel” something. You may be absorbed in the song, in the lyrics, in the mood of this particular piece.There may be a particular emotion you are going through.In certain cases, we might even experience that the world stops for a moment or rather you stop running the world. Our mind is relaxed and present.

We can appreciate the beauty of change: the introduction, the main part and the conclusion of the song. The beauty lies in the simplicity of this ever changing moment…

At this point, music and meditation can share a common ground: Observing the present moment.

Furthermore, when all the necessary causes and conditions are gathered, the alchemy of music can lead us to transcend our ordinary frame of mind. Even if it is just for a few seconds, it could be the experience of freedom. Our mind is not really disturbed by the myriads of thoughts. We may feel a certain bliss, clarity and ease.

This is just an attempt to describe the profound calling of our heart seeking for infinite possibilities, searching for the unconceivable.Deep down, knowingly or not, our brave and broken heart is looking for inspiration, for healing. Our delicate heart is longing for a higher love: undeceiving, uncorrupted and indestructible love.

At this point, music and the search for the truth can share a common ground: Looking beyond the appearances.

Beyond the likes and dislikes, beyond our differences, music can speak the language of our heart, and when it does: it can be used as a wonderful mean to see the light.



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